Quick Answer: How Can I Lighten My Fabric Without Bleaching?

What is a good substitute for bleach?

Here are six things you can instead of bleach around the house.Lemon juice.

Citric acid is a great natural cleaner which is why lemon juice makes a perfect replacement for bleach.

Tea tree oil.

Another natural alternative to bleach is tea tree oil.



Castile soap.

Baking soda..

How can I lighten my whites?

And says Cobb, these tips not only keep whites white, but can make dingy clothes look like new.Separate your colors. … Don’t use too much detergent. … Consider optical brighteners. … Dry clothes on low heat. … Only use bleach on cotton. … Try lemon juice. … Add borax. … Try automatic dishwasher detergent.More items…•

Is OxiClean a bleach?

Oxygen bleach (like OxiClean) is an alternative to chlorine bleach, and it’s safe for many fabrics. You can use it to remove stains on colors, as well as whites. It doesn’t contain scary chemicals and it won’t ruin most fabrics—though you should avoid using it on silk or leather.

How can I lighten my jeans without bleach?

To fade, soak jeans in water and then wring them out. Then place the jeans in a bucket filled with a quart of lemon juice. Keep jeans soaking in the juice for several hours or until desired fade is achieved. Hang dry the jeans and follow up by rinsing them with water.

How do you fade cotton?

Place the fabric in a washing machine. Wash the cotton without any other fabric. … Fill the bleach bottle cap with bleach. … Set the machine to complete a standard wash cycle as you would for a full load of laundry. … Repeat the process, if you want to reduce pigmentation further.

Will baking soda lighten fabric?

Baking soda will also brighten colors and whiten your white clothes, just add a 1/2 cup of baking soda along with your regular detergent in the wash cycle.

How do you bleach fabric to a lighter?

Pour 1 cup of bleach into the water, then let the washer agitate for a minute to blend the bleach and water. Put the fabrics into the washer, then let the washer agitate for a few minutes, until the fabrics are thoroughly soaked. Let the fabrics soak in the washer for an hour. Let the washer complete the cycle.

How do you lighten black fabric?

Heres a tip on lightening up the black if you can get grey clothing dye take it and add 2-3 cups of water to the dye after you have premixed it with the dye on the instructions then carefully take whatever you are dyeing and dip it just a few times in the dye at a time and each time let it dry until you have the right …

How can I lighten cotton without bleach?

Mix vinegar and water in a one-to-three ratio. The vinegar helps to “set” the lightening agent (in this case, the lemon solution soak). Soak for four to 12 hours and wash your shirt to get rid of the briny vinegar smell.

How long does it take for bleach to turn something white?

Leave your clothing submerged in the bleach solution for at least five minutes. Check it every minute to see if it has lightened to your liking. Keep in mind that the color will be a shade or two lighter when it is dry.

How do you whiten fabric naturally?

Soak in Distilled White Vinegar To help whiten clothes and linens, presoak the white items in a solution of one part white distilled vinegar and six parts warm water. Mix the solution in a large plastic bucket or tub, a sink, or the washer drum.