Question: Which White Blood Cell Is Not Phagocytic?

Which cell is not phagocytic?

Phagocytes of humans and other animals are called “professional” or “non-professional” depending on how effective they are at phagocytosis.

The professional phagocytes include many types of white blood cells (such as neutrophils, monocytes, macrophages, mast cells, and dendritic cells)..

Which WBC is not capable of phagocytosis?

basophil – The least abundant type of white blood cell (0.5-1.0% of total WBCs); a non-phagocytic granulocyte containing large cytoplasmic granules which are stained blue with basic dyes; the granules contain immune regulatory substances including heparin, histamine and serotonin; these cells resemble and may be …

Which of the following is are non phagocytic cell?

So, the correct answer is ‘Basophil’.

What are the 3 types of phagocytes?

There are three main groups of phagocytes: monocytes and macrophages, granulocytes, and dendritic cells, all of which have a slightly different function in the body.

Which cell is phagocytic in nature?

In humans, and in vertebrates generally, the most-effective phagocytic cells are two kinds of white blood cells: the macrophages (large phagocytic cells) and the neutrophils (a type of granulocyte).